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Ranch & Pet Supply is a program offered by United Hardware Distributing Co. that provides products and services to retailers that market their business to hobby farmers and pet owners. Ranch & Pet Supply is a retail program that can be a stand alone business or an integral part of a hardware store or home center


Nationally, $197 billion is spent annually on feed and supplies for pets. In United Hardware’s geographic distribution area, $13.1 billion is spent annually to maintain horses and on related supplies. $10.3 billion is spent annually to maintain dogs, $5.7 billion is spent annually to maintain cats and $1.1 billion is spent annually feeding wildlife

Concept Stores

Ranch & Pet Store: product assortment includes feed and supplies for horse, dog, cat, rabbit, poultry, wild bird and deer. Other categories include: lawn & garden, basic farm hardware, western giftware, décor, collectibles and jewelry, clothing and footwear

Town & Country Store: product assortment includes the Ranch & Pet Store products plus hardware: paint, tools, electrical, fasteners, housewares, plumbing and automotive

Farm Store: product assortment includes Town & Country Store products plus agricultural products: livestock health care, livestock identification, tillage parts, cutting parts, 3-point linkage parts, PTO parts, roller chain, hydraulic hose, tractor mufflers, seats, radios, oil and hydraulic fluid

Market Analysis

Comprehensive market studies are available: Pet Expenditure Potential, Competitive Analysis, Agricultural Statistics, and Exotic Animals

Product Offering                                                                                                                                     

Over 3,500 Ranch & Pet items available from United Hardware’s warehouse

Access to United Hardware's warehouse hardware assortment of 55,000 plus items

Over 150 Ranch & Pet direct ship vendor programs available


Customized advertising and promotional pieces to support program  

Interior Décor

Departmental identification signs, photo wall graphics, wood grain wall paper, end cap aisle directories and rail sign

Field Support

District Managers, Retail Operations Personnel, Store Planning, layout and setup available

Buying Markets

Two buying markets per year




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