April Project: How to Perform Window and Screen Maintenance

Now that the weather's getting tolerable, you'll want to start picking up the pieces from a harsh winter. You probably have a huge spring “maintenance” list. So as not to get overwhelmed, it's good to make a list and create a realistic timetable for completing all the projects. Let's start with cleaning your windows and screens.

Window Maintenance:
To start, you need make a vinegar and water mix. We suggest you mix roughly a quarter cup of vinegar with a quart of cool water. You can put the mix into a spray bottle so it applies easily and evenly.

You'll need to remove the windows at this point. You can use paper towel or, if you're into saving money, you can use rolled up newspapers. The ink will not run off on your window, and it might be less expensive than paper towels.

Before you spray on the mix, you want to plan how to clean each side of the window. For example, if you work from right to left on the outside of the window, you want to work from top to bottom on the inside. This way, if you have streaks, you can tell which side they're on. No matter which path you choose, you'll want to start at the top of the window to avoid drip marks.

Try to move the window out of direct sunlight when you're cleaning as well. If the solution dries on the window, it could leave streak marks.

To remove streaks, you can spray the vinegar-water solution onto the paper towel or newspaper and wipe them away.

Screen Maintenance:
An especially harsh winter can damage a screen. Therefore, you may need to replace them. First, you should remove the rubber gasket holding the screen in the frame. The screen should just pop out after you complete remove it.

Then, take the replacement screen, and put it over the top of your frame. You can make a quick cut first and fine trim it later.

You can also purchase a screen repair kit, and it might come with a special tool. It could have a wheel on either side – one with a rounded edge and one with a grooved edge. With the rounded side, push the new screen into the gasket channel. You can then purt an end of the new gasket in one corner. With the grooved side of the tool, you can tighten the gasket into the channel all around the frame. Finally, you can use a utility knife or scissors to trim away the excess screen.

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