October Project: How to Repair a Carpet Blemish

A carpet stain can have a devastating effect on how your floor looks. If you have guests or family coming for the holidays, you don't want them to see the blemish in your floor. Follow these steps, and you won't have to replace all of your carpet.

First, find a repair piece. You probably have some extra carpet laying around from when it was first installed. If you can't find a repair piece, you can cut a part of the carpet from a closet or space that's out of the way and unnoticable. Then, you need to trim the repair piece, so grab a soup can and press it down firmly on the nap side of the repair piece. Cut, with a sharp utility knife, on the noticable ring left by the soup can.

On the repair piece, use tape marked with an arrow to identify the direction of the carpet's nap. Do the same to the damaged area of the carpet. Using the same soup can, you will need to outline the damaged area. So, press down firmly over that area with the same can used to create the repair piece. Once you create the ring, cut along the line left by the soup can. You'll want cut carefully using a sharp utility knife. You'll want to keep the cut-out area as small as possible, but still allow carpet tape to get inserted.

Now, you'll want to insert carpet tape in the hole where the damaged carpet once sat. For a smaller job, one-sided carpet tape probably works best; however, you can get two-sided tape. Depending upon the size of the hole, you'll want to lay a couple pieces of tape down. It's ok if you have to lift up part of the carpet to slide and edge of the tape under the portion that's not being repaired. Handling the tape can be a struggle at first, so be patient as you lay the tape down in the hole.

Next, put in the replacement piece. Make sure the arrow on the replacement piece matches the direction of the arrow next to the cut-out area, and press the replacement piece firmly into the open area. Apply extra pressure around the edges of the new piece and work them into the surrounding carpet. Do some touch up work on the edges if necessary. You can use a scissors to trim the longer, uneven fibers on the edges.

Finally, set a piece of heavy furniture or stack of books over the repaired section for a day or two to make sure that it gets rooted strongly in the carpet.

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