May Project: How to Celebrate National Barbecue Month

May is National Barbecue Month. This unofficial holiday helps you get the summer started. Below, you'll find some ways to enjoy and celebrate this fun and interactive holiday. Use it as an excuse to get the grill fired if you need one!

Idea #1
Organize a pot-luck. This is the best way of interaction, fun, and grilling. Make a list of people, food that is being brought, things to be grilled, and activities to be done. The most popular barbecued items are hotdogs and hamburgers; especially at a beach or park site.

Idea #2
Use more vegetables. Everyone always focuses on the meat when it comes to a barbecue. Try full vegetable kabobs and grill a handful for dinner. Get a different aroma taste of grilled peppers instead of cooking them in a pan. Grill a mix variety of zucchini, corn, and other "summer" vegetables for a healthy lunch.

Idea #3
Cut down on your dishes. Making a meal with a barbecue takes less dishes and appliances to create. Sunday afternoons are perfect to grill because it gives you more time to relax before the work week starts.

Idea #4
Use it as a mini-campfire. Before the fire goes out, use the rest of the heat to make smores. Marshmallows don't need extreme heat or an actual fire to melt. Give kids long sticks to avoid touching the actual barbecue grill and let them have fun.

Idea #5
Involved your friends and exchange BBQ recipes. Get an idea from a neighbor and try something different. One of the best things about barbecuing is the experimentation. You can adjust those recipes to meet your preferences. Also, teach your oldest child how to barbecue or grill food. Use different kinds of marinates or seasonings each time you grill for different tastes and methods of preparation.

For more ideas, visit the National Barbecue Association's web site.

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