July Project: How to Select the Right Grill

There are many questions that need to be asked when choosing a grill. Things such as cost, ease of use, other uses besides grill¬ing, flavor and portability should be taken into account. The most important item in this list depends on what you need. This article looks in detail at the different categories and makes a judgment on which grills would be best in that group, charcoal, propane, natural gas or smokers.

If cost is the main factor, the grill to go for is charcoal. This grill features low mainte¬nance and inexpensive charcoal to purchase. Propane grills are the next lowest in price, with the need to occasionally fill your tank with cost effective propane. Since natural gas grills are supposed to be hooked to a home's gas line, they are typically larger units, and more expensive.

Convenience of Use
The easiest grill to use is probably the natural gas grill. It is hooked to your houses natural gas line and therefore doesn't require you to buy large propane tanks regularly. Getting a grill that has a battery powered or electric starter has made things even easier. Propane is probably the next easiest to use since there are no charcoal bri¬quettes or wood chips to bother about. While it seems that a larger grill is a better grill, remember that larger also means a larger area to clean.

Added Features
Natural gas or propane grills can offer additional cook spaces that a charcoal or smoker unit cannot. If you plan to cook full meals on your grill, gas burners and a warming tray are great. A rotisserie option may also be important to you depending on what you want to grill.

If flavor is the most important item on your listing, a smoker or a charcoal grill should be your first priority. Smokers are meant to slow cook over time and exert a smoky flavor to meats. You can choose the type of wood to smoke that will offer you the flavor you are looking for. The only problem with a smoker is when you need a quick pork chop or hamburger, it isn't so quick. Consider a gas grill for quicker cook meals and a smoker when you truly want to impress the neigh¬bors. Charcoal is the next best in the flavor department with no gas undertone. Gas grills can also impart a good grilled flavor, and now many gas grills have got a smoker option on them.

When portability is the most important requirement, propane is the way to go. Charcoal grills run a close second. Little propane tanks make it easy to take your grill camping or to a tailgate party and you aren't left thinking where to put the smoldering coals. Charcoal can work and there are several small portable units available; just make sure you have a strategy for what to do with the used briquettes.

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