Store Purchase Assistance

It's a major undertaking to buy a business and enter into a new way of life.  We strive to make the transition from prospective buyer to owners of your own business as comfortable as possible.  United Hardware offers a comprehensive program to help you with the entire purchase process.  Toward that end we offer the following assistance to prospective new store owners:

1. Store Purchase Assistance

  • Identify store for sale opportunities available
  • Ongoing advice and suggestions regarding the store purchase process
  • Our help assembling the sales, gross profit, expense, net profit and cash-flow estimates
  • Assistance in the "Due Diligence" process - fact finding and analyzing the business opportunity
  • Suggestions regarding changes or enhancements to improve a store's sales, profit and cash-flow
  • Purchase Agreement terms and suggestions - (your legal counsel to finalize)
  • Help and guidance with the assembly of your business plan
  • Consultation and preparation for obtaining financing
  • Bank presentation support - we'll be there with you
  • Bank follow-up - questions, support information, etc. required by lender(s)
  • Guidance regarding business entity formation
  • Suggestions and guidance for preparing to take possession and getting ready for transfer inventory and closing

2. New Account Application - United Hardware

  • Assembly of new account application for the Hardware Hank franchise 
  • Careful explanation of our programs, support services, and charges
  • Prompt processing of your application 

3. Transfer Inventory Assistance

  • This key step is necessary to determine inventory value prior to the closing
  • Available to assist with the transfer inventory - (buyer & seller must agree)
  • On-site help to assist buyer and seller with determining total inventory value
  • Recap of the inventory, along with support documents required for the closing

4. Ongoing support

  • District Manager assistance throughout the transition
  • In-store training on United Hardware's programs and services
  • Ongoing retail operations support from United Hardware's field staff

This is a comprehensive program available to help you locate, analyze, purchase, and get up and running as a new store owner.  Best of all, this a no charge service provided to our prospective new store owners!


For more information contact:
Jim Gildner
New Dealer Development

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